2021 Masters Preview Show (Cash-out with the Coaches)

This SPECIAL-EDITION of Cash-Out With The Coaches brings Travis Fulton and Jonathan “The Coach” Coachman together to discuss the upcoming 2021 Masters. Watch the show to get the best betting insight ahead of this year’s tournament.

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Cash-out with the Coaches is hosted by Jonathan “The Coach” Coachman, reputable Golf handicapper, and Travis Fulton, Golf Coach/Instructor to some of the best professionals in the game. Join us every week for the best betting picks in golf.

Episode Summary:

Welcome to another episode of Cash-Out with the Coaches, brought to you by SportsPub Media. Jonathan “Coach” Coachman and Travis Fulton discuss the latest updates on golf’s top stars coming into the 2021 Masters Tournament. They’ve talked about the chances of the best golfers like Dustin Johnson, Bryson DeChambeau, Rory McIlroy, and Patrick Reed.

The coaches also touched upon who they think are the favorites to win this year’s tournament at Augusta National. They believe that Justin Thomas, Jordan Spieth, Patrick Cantlay, and Jon Rahm all make strong cases for winning the green jacket. But even if they have the best chance to win, Coachman and Fulton talked about the aspects of their game that may cause their downfall.

Finally, they closed the episode by tackling the under-the-radar competitors who may come out on top after four rounds. The coaches won’t be surprised if Corey Connors, Daniel Berger, Mathew Fitzpatrick, and Tony Finau all become serious competitors in the 2021 Masters. However, they also pointed out rooms for concern and improvement on their respective games.

How will the top golfers fare?

0:40 Dustin Johnson

  • Jonathan “Coach” Coachman is fired up for the 2021 Masters even if Dustin Johnson just won in November 2020.

1:24 Travis Fulton is concerned about Johnson because he’s not the same player coming into the 2021 Masters.

  • Coachman: “In November, he was dominant and he showed why he is the number one player in the world. But he’s not in form the last month.”
  • Fulton: “He’s trying to work his new driver onto the bag, he’s struggling with that a little bit.”
  • Coachman: “When he won overseas five or six weeks ago, he putted as bad as I’ve seen him. From that point forward, his putting issues have affected his overall game.”
  • Fulton: “You’re not going to have a lot of money coming out of my pocket for DJ this time.”

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3:33 Bryson DeChambeau

  • Coachman: “A lot of people are going to bet on DeChambeau. When you talk about a guy “in form”, it’s a relative form. He can win Bay Hill and then come out next week and struggle with his driver.”
  • Fulton: “He’s going to put on a better show this time around. He’s going to be a factor this year.”


  • Coachman: “Draft Kings came out of their pricing. But I’m interested to see what the odds are on Monday when they come out with the overall odds to win.”
  • Fulton: “I won’t be surprised if Bryson becomes the betting favorite.”

6:03 Rory McIlroy

  • Coach: “This is always a story line coming into Augusta. A lot of us are surprised that he hasn’t completed a career Grand Slam. With the form he’s in right now, I don’t feel good about his chances”
  • Fulton: “This is not the same Rory that we’re used to be talking about. This is like getting things back in order again and build his confidence slowly.”
  • Coachman: “It’s hard for golf fans to wrap our head around the fact that Rory needs to reboot.”

9:14 Patrick Reed

  • Coachman: “former Masters champion. Really solidified himself as a superstar in the PGA Tour and has continued to be a headline maker but not always for the right reasons. But if you throw all of that stuff out of the window and you go back to his game, his game is suited for Augusta National.”
  • Fulton: “He was top 10 last November. Has made changes to his game in the last seven to eight months. Trying to get more control in the approach game. I’m not too confident with him right now. But I won’t be surprised if he’s suddenly plus-three or four in the approach game and get in the mix.”

2021 Masters Favorites

11:43 Justin Thomas

  • Coachman: “When you’re talking about favorites outside DJ and Bryson, you’re going to talk about JT.”
  • Fulton: “I think JT is hitting the ball well, he’s on the right track with his putter but there’s still a distinction between his good and bad game. He was fourth in the 2020 Masters and he constantly improved his finish over the years.”
  • Coachman: “I’m in love with JT. I love his killer instincts; I love how he wants to win. I think, no question, he wins the Masters at some point and probably multiple.”

13:56 Jordan Spieth

  • Coachman: “The dialogue of ‘is he back’ has got to stop. This is a place that he loves. He plays well. He’s in the kind of form that he can get to 16-under. I’m very bullish on Jordan Spieth.”
  • Fulton: “With Spieth, the approach game is becoming top shelf again. He must also get his iron game in order because his putter and wedge game has been good. I won’t be surprising if he becomes a factor.”
  • Coachman: “This week will be very important to Spieth. He can’t come in with any lack of confidence.”

15:47 Patrick Cantlay

  • Coach: “He can play any course, certainly Augusta National.”
  • Fulton: “Only the fourth time he played in Augusta. But Cantlay is ready to take the next step and win more major championships. Does he have the game to do it? I think he does.”

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18:24 Jon Rahm

  • Coachman: “Rahm is poised and ready to win his first major. He’s got too much talent, he hits it too well, he loves playing in Augusta, and he’s fiery.”
  • Fulton: “I just worry about his mental focus. Skill-wise, he’s up there. But is he going to go there and be focused knowing that he might have his first child soon?”
  • Coachman: “How brutal would it be if he has a two-shot lead and his wife calls. Does he cancel it and play?”

2021 Masters Underdogs

20:46 Corey Connors

  • Coachman: “He’s a great iron player and his name has been talked about a lot in the normal tournaments.”
  • Fulton: “I love his chances at the Masters. He’s the most underrated ball striker in the PGA Tour. But his downfall is that when he misses a green, it’s an automatic bogey.”
  • Coachman: “ARG is the most important stat you can track next week. Because if a player struggles, it’s hard to come back. You’ve got to have a great short game or you will get exposed.”

22:44 Daniel Berger

  • Coachman: “Won the first event out of the pandemic last year. Been in form for the most part of the last 10 months. I think he’s a guy that has the confidence and swag that matches perfectly for Augusta National.”
  • Fulton: “Is Berger’s shot trajectory conducive to winning a green jacket? His craftiness and competitive edge will be his ace. But can he hit the shots at a trajectory that is needed?”

25:36 Mathew Fitzpatrick

  • Fulton: “I won’t be surprised here. I really like him and Connors. 26 years of age, kind of coming into his own. With Fitzpatrick, you’ll always get the putter. He’s a crafty and solid putter. But is he going to give enough on the approach game with him?
  • Coachman: “It won’t surprise me if someone like Fitzpatrick wins. The only thing that concerns me about him on the greens is his tendency to lose focus and miss three-footers a lot.”

28:01 Tony Finau

  • Coachman: “If he wins his first tournament in the United States at the Masters, it would be major news. It’s gonna happen. So, why not it happen here?”
  • Fulton: “He’s played well in Augusta, he’s got the game. He drives length from the driver and has a good approach game. He’s a better putter than he used to be. But can he win?”
  • Coachman: “If he’s in the mix on Sunday and there’s live betting, I’m betting on the other guy because he figures out ways to lose.”
  • Fulton: “There are tournaments that he must have won but didn’t. The skill is there but his mental toughness down the stretch that will help him hit clutch shots. Can he push the needle when the chips are down in the latter rounds?”

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Full Topic Coverage

With the 2021 Masters Tournament just days away, Jonathan “Coach” Coachman and golf instructor Travis Fulton discuss the field of participants at Augusta National on their Cash-Out with the Coaches podcast. After having the 2020 Masters in November due to the pandemic, the green jacket will be up for grabs once again after five months. Coachman and Fulton divided the episode into three segments: top stars, favorites, and underdogs.

They first discussed defending Masters champion Dustin Johnson who they think is not in the best golfing shape coming into this year’s Masters. Fulton pointed out that he’s struggling with his driver while Coachman can’t help but bring up his struggles with the putter.

Next, they discussed Bryson DeChambeau who Coachman believes has a golfing style that can dominate in Augusta National. However, issues with his driving game can cause his downfall. Meanwhile, Fulton believes that DeChambeau will be one of the top competitors this year and that he will be a factor until the final round. Likewise, Fulton won’t be surprised if DeChambeau becomes the favorite as per sportsbooks.

Next on the list is Rory McIlroy who Coachman is surprised to learn that has not completed a career Grand Slam. Fulton stressed that DeChambeau’s power game caused McIlroy to change course but it’s doing more harm than good. But with a new coach, he can get his game back in order again and concentrate on dealing with his struggles.

Also, the coaches also talked about 2018 Masters winner Patrick Reed who Coachman thinks can win again if his head is on golf. Apparently, he made headlines but not always for the right reasons. But Fulton reminded everyone that he finished in the Top 10 during the 2020 Masters. However, he must fine-tune his approach game to contend for his second green jacket.

Onto the tournament favorites and Justin Thomas is first on the list. Fulton pointed out that, just like Johnson, he is improving his standing every year. Johnson finally won the tournament and Thomas will get his due if he keeps his consistency with his putter. Often times, there’s one round wherein the putter just doesn’t work for him. His chances of winning are strong if he can overcome that struggle.

Likewise, both Coachman and Fulton agree that Jordan Spieth is back. The former stressed that the betting odds for Spieth improved from 50:1 to 15:1, making him one of the players to look out for. In connection with Spieth, Fulton highlighted the need for him to work on his iron game.

Another tournament favorite is Patrick Cantlay who Coachman sees as a strong competitor that can master any course, including Augusta National. Fulton was surprised that Cantlay played only four times in Augusta. But just like Thomas, the putting game is the biggest concern for Cantlay. If he can get that in order, he can win his first major golf tournament.

Last but not the least, Jon Rahm is another favorite for the 2021 Masters. Coachman loves his on-point game and his fiery demeanor that will help him win his first major tournament. But Fulton is concerned about his mental focus given that he is about to have his first child soon. Can he get it together throughout the tournament, especially if he’s one of the leaders?

The third segment of this episode of Cash-Out with the Coaches are for the 2021 Masters underdogs. First on the list is Corey Connors who Coachman believes has a strong iron game. To which Fulton agrees that he’s one of the most underrated ball strikers in the PGA Tour. Unfortunately, the approach is the biggest knock on his game because he’s will more likely get a bogey once he misses the green.

Also, the coaches consider Daniel Berger as an underdog. His swag will help him deal with the pressures of competing at Augusta National, especially that a full crowd will be back. However, Fulton sees a weakness in his shot trajectory. He’s not convinced that Berger can hit the right shelf to get a good shot at the green. Coachman added that trajectory is important to stop the ball at a precise spot especially on hilly greens in Augusta.

Another underdog that they see is Mathew Fitzpatrick who already had six European Tour victories at age 26. However, he shifted full time to the PGA Tour and Fulton describes him as a solid and crafty putter. Unfortunately, he still sees much to be desired with his approach. Meanwhile, Coachman reiterated Fitzpatrick’s tendency of missing many gimmes on the green.

Finally, Coachman will be very happy if Tony Finau gets his first victory in the United States at the 2021 Masters. But while Fulton mentioned his strong approach and driving game, he agrees with Coachman that he just finds ways to lose. Mental toughness will be his biggest issue if he is to seriously compete for the green jacket and if he needs to make clutch shots.

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