Betting Picks for the 2021 PGA Championship (Cash-out with the Coaches)

Travis Fulton and “The Coach” Jonathan Coachman bring you the best golf betting picks for this week’s PGA Championship.

Cash-out with the Coaches is hosted by Jonathan “The Coach” Coachman, reputable Golf handicapper, and Travis Fulton, Golf Coach/Instructor to some of the best professionals in the game. Join us every week for the best betting picks in golf.


Jonathan Coachman: Oh, that opening gets me every single time. Our opening courtesy of our genius producer, Cody Merrow. Welcome into episode number 20. We’ve arrived, Cash-Out with the Coaches. Powered and sponsored by our incredible, incredible partners at SportsPub Media. Follow them on Twitter and on Instagram. We have arrived at major week number two here in 2021. I am The Coach. He is Travis Fulton. And, Trav, I don’t even know even where to start this week because we have so much to get into. How are you, sir?

Travis Fulton: Well, we did the preview show, right? So people can go back and take a look at that we, man, we talked about a lot of stuff and we’re going to talk a little bit about it as well here, but get more specifically into our picks. Lot to think about here, great field. The golf course is going to be interesting, right? To see just how much of a beast it’s going to be, how much the wind’s going to blow. We know it’s a tough course, lot of options. Pete Dye always gives it. But if that wind blows and it’s nasty, what side are you going to fall on this cut, right? Do you have that morning, afternoon, or do you have the afternoon, morning? Those are some things to think about here because that wind can come out of nowhere, and now you’re up against a very different golf course that’s going to play increasingly harder as we know. It’s already difficult but you put the wind on top of it, lookout.

Jonathan Coachman: I was doing an interview earlier today, a business thing that I had going with Dottie Pepper, who’s obviously going to be on the call this week for CBS.

Travis Fulton: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Jonathan Coachman: And she said that she’s already looked at the forecast and the first two days the wind’s going to be coming out of the east, so she said, “You’ve got to have players that can hold the ball up against that wind or balls are just going to be sailing out of play left and right.” So keep an eye on that, on which way the wind is going to blow this week, which is significant at this course. Quick shout-out, KH Lee, winning for the first time in 80 starts last week of the PGA Tour at the Byron Nelson. He is the last man into the field this week at the PGA Championship. As Travis said, we have a full preview episode at our YouTube channel right now. Go there, subscribe, turn on the notifications, because you never know when we’re going to drop new content into your feed. And by the way, if you didn’t notice last night, whether you follow Travis, myself, SportsPub Media, well, if you follow all three, go there right now. We have a huge giveaway that we’re going to give two winners of, what is it Travis? $250 worth.

Travis Fulton: Yeah.

Jonathan Coachman: Of PGA Championship merchandise.

Travis Fulton: Yeah, it’s cool swag.

Jonathan Coachman: Incredible. It is.

Travis Fulton: One winner on Twitter, one winner on Instagram, so go get in it. It’s going to be a great week.

Jonathan Coachman: That’s right.

Travis Fulton: Let’s get rolling, baby.

Jonathan Coachman: Follow the instructions there. We can only lead the horse to water. I’m not going to give you everything right here. You can go to our social media, read what you have to do. It’s very simple and we’ll pick a winner out at the end of the week. That’s courtesy of SportsPub Media. All right, we already did the preview in the last episode so what I want to look at before we get into our picks for the week, and last week we absolutely killed it.

Travis Fulton: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Jonathan Coachman: Three of our four matchups we hit. Also, I hit a top 20. I hit my wild card as well but we did that preview show, Trav. And when we look at specifically some of the names in the storylines that we talked about, Jordan Spieth, he comes in +1,600. He’s got the opportunity to win the career Grand Slam, and he said in his interview on Monday to the media that he really doesn’t put pressure on himself anymore to win this like he did back in 2017 when he was really playing well. At +1600, do you like the number where it’s kind of settled in for Jordan Spieth?

Travis Fulton: I don’t mind it. Look, I think Spieth is poised and dialed, the game’s in a great spot to get this done. And he’s not going to shy away from the moment but we’ve seen it time and time again. He loves this, this is what he plays for. There’s a handful of players who I think can handle this and I think Spieth is one of them. In fact, I would probably put him near the top of the list. The driver’s going to be the club that has to be really good for him. We know he can kind of spray it and scramble on certain courses. This feels like a big ballpark. You get off these fairways, you’re going to have a difficult time. It’s going to be very penalizing when you get off the fairways. Remember, the rough’s probably going to be a little bit longer than we first anticipated.

Jonathan Coachman: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Travis Fulton: So the driver’s got to behave. It’s been much better, we know that. His iron game right now is JT, Collin Morikawa-like, and we know he’s magic with the wedge and the putter. Yeah, 16 to 1? Yeah, I’m okay with that number.

Jonathan Coachman: It feels like a sweet spot. It feels like a sweet spot.

Travis Fulton: Yeah.

Jonathan Coachman: It really, really does. If you want to have a flyer in on a guy that I don’t think has any shot of winning, Rickie Fowler was one of our big storylines in the previous show. He was at +8,000. I think now the market is corrected and one of the numbers I saw was north of +17,000, so basically 175 to 1. And for Rickie Fowler to have a number like this.

Travis Fulton: Yeah.

Jonathan Coachman: Is crazy to me, but that’s where his game is. He missed the cut last week. He still shot a five under par, but the cut was six under at the Byron Nelson, so he wasn’t even good enough to do that at five under par.

Travis Fulton: Yeah.

Jonathan Coachman: Which is crazy. And also, Dustin Johnson, he was +1,100 withdraw from Byron Nelson. And now, Trav, his number is all the way up at +1,850, so he’s outside of Jordan Spieth now. What do you think about that?

Travis Fulton: Well, you’re never going to get that for DJ, right?

Jonathan Coachman: Never.

Travis Fulton: And that’s prime real estate to get that number from DJ, and I’m sure he’ll be fine. He’ll come in, make the cut. He can be competitive. I think he’s worked the driver out. I think the putter’s a question mark for him. It seems like there’s a little bouncing around going.

Jonathan Coachman: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Travis Fulton: Which putter is he going to use? So I think the putter is the question for DJ. I think he’s fine, his knee, I think health-wise there’s no issues. So look for him to come out. Let the big dog hunt. Get the iron game going. Can he make enough puts? 18 and a half, I mean, yeah, I’m going to sprinkle a little on that.

Jonathan Coachman: It was good to see that he wasn’t out on his boat this week. I was glad to see that there was no Instagram posts about that. We had some big names that we talked about in the previous show, too. Rory was around +1,000. His number really hasn’t changed, but one guy’s who did, we never get Brooks Koepka, who won in 2018. He won in 2019. He’s at +5,000 right now.

Travis Fulton: Yeah.

Jonathan Coachman: To win this golf tournament, based off of the knee, the issue, the fact that he still can’t bend over completely. We saw that at the Byron Nelson where he missed the cut. What do you make of Brooks, two time champion, all the way at +5,000?

Travis Fulton: Hey, I like it. I played Brooks last week. I tend to be a little bit early with Brooks, historically.

Jonathan Coachman: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Travis Fulton: I took him the week before the Waste Management, if you can recall. He come back the next week and won. I think he’s just that kind of player that he doesn’t need a lot of reps. I think once he gets going, he feels confident, off he goes. I was hoping to see him pick the ball up out of the hole a little bit easier.

Jonathan Coachman: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Travis Fulton: He didn’t look quite as healthy as I was anticipating but Brooks is one of those players that, I don’t think you need that steady buildup like you’ll see with some players. I think he’s out there. He can compete. He’ll figure it out. His putter was atrocious though. He hit the ball pretty good last week, but his putter was not good. If it was the other way around, would I feel any different? Perhaps, but it’s Koepka. He’s proved it in the past. Like I said, the week before I was on him, he was back the next week and hangs around and wins. Could he do the same thing here? Wouldn’t put it past him. He’s won this championship now two of the last three years, so it feels like a bit of a stretch though. Any time you’re moving like he is with the knee, gosh, it’s like, “Can this guy really win the PGA Championship taking the ball out of the hole like that? Bending over like that?” It feels a little bit far, it feels a little bit more like a long shot with this than it did maybe back in Waste Management.

Jonathan Coachman: It feels like it would almost be like a Willis Reed type of moment.

Travis Fulton: Yeah.

Jonathan Coachman: If he actually made it to Sunday and he was in contention and coming down the final nine holes, because of the adrenaline and because of what happens to you when you’re in contention, it almost feels like he’d be limping at the end just to finish. Every shot he’s able to get into it, get into his left side, you can just already hear the announcers trying to describe what he’s doing.

Travis Fulton: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Jonathan Coachman: And where the knee is going, but it’s funny when you compare him and Tiger Woods. And I mean this in this respect, that Tiger for his entire career was saying, “All I do is care about the majors.” And people were fine with that because he also won a ton of golf tournaments outside of the majors. Brooks essentially said the same thing a couple of years ago, “I really only get up for the majors,” and that wasn’t okay.

Travis Fulton: Yeah.

Jonathan Coachman: And it wasn’t okay with guys like myself because he wasn’t winning.

Travis Fulton: Yeah.

Jonathan Coachman: Any other golf tournaments other than the majors. It’s not good when you have more major wins than you have regular PGA Tour wins. That’s just usually not normal for a top player. It’s just not but it is for Brooks.

Travis Fulton: Yeah.

Jonathan Coachman: It is for Brooks. And I think he needs to change that perception to all of us that he cares about more than the majors. It doesn’t matter this week, because this week is a major.

Travis Fulton: Yeah.

Jonathan Coachman: And we’ll see if he can turn it on. We’ll see if he can turn it on.

Travis Fulton: Yeah.

Jonathan Coachman: We talked about some sleepers, Trav.

Travis Fulton: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Jonathan Coachman: Two names in particular that the number really jumped out at me when I looked right before we started this show, Viktor Hovland was at +2,800. He’s now moved up to around +2,000 depending on what book you’re looking at. Sam Burns who just won two weeks, three weeks ago, and last week he had the 36 hole lead and finished second at the Byron Nelson, is at +5,000 to 6,000 range. Explain to me how this is possible. That there’s this much of a difference between these two players.

Travis Fulton: Well, clearly the market has not caught up to Sam Burns. They’re not ready to feel the same way about him as they are with Viktor Hovland, right?

Jonathan Coachman: Correct.

Travis Fulton: So we clearly can see that Viktor, certainly the more prized player coming out of college, was grouped in there with Morikawa who we know has had a lot of success, and Matthew Wolff. Where Sam Burns, a little quieter coming out of LSU, it’s taken him a little bit to kind of work up to this point. But make no mistake, we’ve been saying it for weeks on end here, before Sam Burns won at the Valspar, Sam Burns is the real deal folks.

Jonathan Coachman: No question.

Travis Fulton: He’s got length. His iron game is right there with Morikawa, or excuse me, with Viktor Hovland, and I think he’s a better putter than Viktor Hovland, personally. I think both their short games are their weakness and their opportunities, but I think Burns a better putter. And I think he’s right there with his ball-striking, and I think he’s even a little bit longer off the tee. We’re just not ready to put Burns in that category yet. I expect Burns to make the cut and be competitive here. I think it’s a good golf course for him. I think this grass, too, Coach, will help Viktor and perhaps Burns this past . It can sit up a little bit, it’s sticky. So I think that can kind of help those guys a little bit more around the greens, because you’re going to need a short game here, especially if the wind blows.

Jonathan Coachman: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Travis Fulton: I think that’s the big question mark and asterisk, is how much value is the short game going to have? Some of these guys wanted to dirty it up like Cam Smith, like a Brian Harman. They want this thing to get dirty so they have to use the short game more. They’re really good. They excel there, where I think guys like Viktor and Burns, they want it to be a little more minimal kind of wear people out with their ball-striking, and then Burns get hot with that putter. Yeah, hey, I’m right there with you. I would put Burns right there with Viktor. I have no problem with it.

Jonathan Coachman: I think people need to be very, very careful, because this is a great way to educate people who bet on golf at home. We say all the time, “Well, you think that guy’s going to win because you’re saying this.” No, but there’s no value on a Viktor Havland who has yet to win, basically at all in the PGA Tour other than one off the continental United States.

Travis Fulton: Yeah.

Jonathan Coachman: And so they’re basically saying at +2,000, that he’s basically in the top 10 choices to win.

Travis Fulton: Yeah.

Jonathan Coachman: His first PGA Tour event, so to speak, even though the PGA of America puts this event on. And to me, I find that very, very hard to put those two things together. Plus, at this number, that’s where you really have to do your homework because you can’t bet on him to win. And if he does, we wouldn’t be surprised, but it’s the number. That’s why if you told me, “You have to play one of these two,” we don’t think either one’s going to win this week. But if I’m going to put any money at all on something, I want a big return on a long shot. And Viktor Havland, to me, is still a long shot but this is not a long shot number. So I would steer clear of him, if that makes sense to everybody.

Travis Fulton: Yeah. I mean, kind of. Yeah, it makes sense.

Jonathan Coachman: It kind of makes sense? Okay, all right. Finally, because I kind of glossed over it, I was looking up the featured groups, because I love the fact that ESPN came out and they said, “We’re going to have more coverage of basically any major that’s ever been done before,” which I love because I love watching from morning to end. I’m going to read these featured groups to you, Trav, and I want.

Travis Fulton: Okay.

Jonathan Coachman: I want you to tell me if you can figure out what is missing.

Travis Fulton: Okay.

Jonathan Coachman: Or what is wrong with these featured groups. There’s five of them. Koepka, JT, Rory, makes sense. Morikawa, Bryson, Hideki, makes sense. Spieth, Webb, Will Zalatoris, by the way, had Paul Tesori on the show, the previous show. He was amazing. He said Webb, 100%.

Travis Fulton: Yeah.

Jonathan Coachman: Going to be teeing it up at the PGA Championship. Then Rickie Fowler, Adam Scott, Tyrrell Hatton, and then finally Tommy Fleetwood, Jon Rahm, and Patrick Reed. Those are your five featured groups. You’ll get basically first tee till their last shot for the first two days, Thursday and Friday, at the PGA Championship. What do you make of those?

Travis Fulton: Well, I personally don’t want to watch Rickie Fowler play golf right now. I mean, that’s-

Jonathan Coachman: Me either.

Travis Fulton: You know, that’s-

Jonathan Coachman: Me either.

Travis Fulton: That’s the one. And he got the special invite and that’s great and I’m all for it, but now he’s in the featured coverage? That’s a little surprising. To me, it’s not surprising, Rickie’s popular, we get that, but it just feels a little bit out of place considering the guy is really struggling with his game and has been now for quite some time.

Jonathan Coachman: You’ve got to gauge the temperature in the room so to speak.

Travis Fulton: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Jonathan Coachman: And there is no way that he should be in a group and the only reason he’s there, Trav, is because of his name. And this is where I would challenge the PGA of America that you’re putting him with Adam Scott and Tyrrell Hatton who have been in form the last year. They may not have won but they’ve been in form. Tyrrell Hatton won a month ago and because of his name they’re still treating him like an elite player but he is no longer an elite player.

Travis Fulton: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Jonathan Coachman: When you have to get a special exemption just to get into the tournament, you’re not an elite player anymore. And I don’t know why it’s so hard for people to wrap their head around that. We’re not criticizing him. We’re talking about how he’s playing. And his play does not warrant being in a featured group for us to watch him shoot a 78 or a 79. I don’t think it’s fair to Rickie and I don’t think it’s fair to us who would love to see DJ. The number one player in the world is not in a featured group.

Travis Fulton: That makes no sense.

Jonathan Coachman: That’s wrong to me. That makes no sense.

Travis Fulton: That makes no sense.

Jonathan Coachman: It makes no sense.

Travis Fulton: None.

Jonathan Coachman: Why is DJ not in a featured group?

Travis Fulton: Yeah, give me DJ over Rory every, even if Rickie was playing good I would rather watch DJ.

Jonathan Coachman: All day, every day. You’re absolutely right.

Travis Fulton: No, that’s a huge bogey. That’s a triple bogey.

Jonathan Coachman: And you know the other name that’s not in here? Viktor Hovland.

Travis Fulton: Yeah.

Jonathan Coachman: Viktor Hovland shows up every single week.

Travis Fulton: Yeah.

Jonathan Coachman: Are you kidding me? You’ve got a +17,000 player in a featured group but a +2,000 player is not?

Travis Fulton: And Viktor’s fun to watch. You know he’s-

Jonathan Coachman: He is a lot of fun to watch.

Travis Fulton: He’s fun to watch. He stripes it. God, you don’t know if he’s going to lay the sod over it with his wedge. His putter can be, like you know he just… He’s got the smile on his face. He’s enjoying himself.

Jonathan Coachman: He is.

Travis Fulton: I love watching Viktor Hovland play.

Jonathan Coachman: Me too. Me too. This leaves me scratching my head.

Travis Fulton: Yeah, makes no sense.

Jonathan Coachman: But I can tell you this, I can’t remember the last time I was this excited for a major that’s not the Masters. And also, that the top players, Trav, whether you’re talking about Bryson, in the last six months all of these guys have won, Bryson, DJ.

Travis Fulton: Yeah.

Jonathan Coachman: Jordan.

Travis Fulton: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Jonathan Coachman: Rory, JT, Morikawa, they’ve all won. They’ve all won. So they’re coming in at least in some type of form and I think we’re going to see a shoot-out, not necessarily as far as scores are concerned, but a shoot-out. I think it’s going to be big names, big game hunting, and my picks this week reflect that. I don’t think you’re going to see a lesser than player or a club pro, or a PGA professional. I don’t think there’s going to be any of those guys at the top of the leaderboard. I think it’s going to be big names and big names only.

Travis Fulton: I’d like to get a little bit closer. We’re filming this on a Tuesday and, just to see how this is going to play out with the weather. Things can change quick with that wind.

Jonathan Coachman: It is true, yes.

Travis Fulton: And that’s the asterisk here. I think if the wind howls, and I say that 20 plus kind of thing, and you get those gusts. I think it changes the complexity of the tournament considerably on who would then have more of a upper hand.

Jonathan Coachman: I agree.

Travis Fulton: With the short game and the putting. But if it’s calm, this is a bomber’s paradise.

Jonathan Coachman: Completely true. All right, so with that being said, great time to segue into our picks for the week. And if you’ve been following our picks, then you’ve been cashing a lot of tickets the last several weeks.

Travis Fulton: Yeah.

Jonathan Coachman: Here’s how we do it. We take 100 fantasy dollars so to speak. We have five different picks, two head-to-heads. That should be the meat of what you do. A top 20 pick, a tournament winner, and a wild card play. We spread that 100 bucks out as far as what we feel most confident in but if you really want to make money long-term at golf betting, head-to-head matchups have got to be what you put the most of your money on. Top 20s, top 10s, winners, they can change on a dime, on a dime. And you can be leading and all of a sudden your guy double bogeys and you miss out on a top 10 or a top 20. Put the most of your money on head-to-heads in real life money, and that is going to be your best, I guess, journey to success, is the best way that I can put it. All right, Trav, let’s jump right in. Your first matchup, sir, is what?

Travis Fulton: I talked to Eddie Pepperell on the phone this morning on the Stripe Show Podcast, and he says, “You know, Travis.” He says, “You know, Travis.”

Jonathan Coachman: Nobody promotes better than you.

Travis Fulton: “In 2012, you realize how many Europeans were on that leaderboard, right?” And I said, “You know what, you’re right, Eddie.” So my first is Matt Wallace -110 over Tommy Fleetwood. Coach, can you tell me why, in the golf community, people have this obsession with Tommy Fleetwood?

Jonathan Coachman: I think it’s a combination of thing. They like how he looks. They like how he talks. I think he’s become very popular because of the skits that he does but the truth of the matter is, he’s not playing very good golf right now.

Travis Fulton: No, he hasn’t. He hasn’t played great golf. And it’s like everybody, “He’s a great ball-striker.” Show me the statistics.

Jonathan Coachman: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Travis Fulton: They’re not. He’s not a great ball-striker right now. Yes, he had a good short game week last week. And if we want to build that momentum heading into this, I like Tommy Fleetwood, I do. I think there’s certain places for him, but over Matt Wallace? I mean have you seen what Wallace has done since he stayed here in the United States this spring? The dude is on fire.

Jonathan Coachman: He’s on fire.

Travis Fulton: And playing some incredible golf. You look at him statistically, every statistic, tee to green, off the tee, approach, around the green, putting, just incrementally continues to get better, the average, over and over. The results are there, 3rd at Valero, 18th at RBC. 6th at Wells Fargo just last week, played brilliant. Comes into here, he’s not afraid of this weather, nor is Fleetwood, if the wind blows. You just look at these two players, who’s the better player? It’s a no-brainer who the better player is right now. Matt Wallace is head and shoulders above Tommy Fleetwood.

Jonathan Coachman: I can tell you this, if people don’t want to play our matchups, or if they want to play more than the matchups we give them, Travis just hit on something that is very overlooked a lot of the time.

Travis Fulton: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Jonathan Coachman: When they’re playing in really windy places, specifically on the East Coast, European players are just better on average than American players, because they grew up playing in this. The wind does not affect them like it does American players. And we’ve seen that time and time and time again, so I’m glad that you brought that up, which will lead me into my first play of the week.

Travis Fulton: There he is.

Jonathan Coachman: Another European player, Rory McIlroy. And when I saw this number, Trav, I couldn’t believe it. Jon Rahm is really struggling right now. He made the cut last week right on the cut number at Byron Nelson, but he is missing as many shots as he’s making. And I know a lot of people like to dive into the numbers, strokes gained this, strokes gained that. The bottom line is, the dude’s not sleeping. He’s got a newborn baby at home. It’s a month old. Sometimes we overthink everything.

Travis Fulton: Yeah.

Jonathan Coachman: The bottom line is, when he gets out there, how many times, because I’ve done it a lot, have you gone out after a night of either drinking till 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning, or just being out till 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning, and you’ve got a 7:00 a.m. tee time? You get out there, all of a sudden it hits you on the eighth hole and you’re like, “Gosh, I can’t even keep my eyes open right now.” You don’t think that happens to new fathers on the PGA Tour? Absolutely it does.

Travis Fulton: Yeah, yeah.

Jonathan Coachman: And Rory just won. His child is a little bit older so they’ve adjusted and I think Rahm is taking a little bit longer to adjust. So you’re going to give me Rory who won here in 2012, who won two weeks ago, plus money? I’m taking this all day, Trav.

Travis Fulton: I think the thing with Rory, if you look closer in how he won that tournament, yes, he hit the ball better. He didn’t drive it that great but his irons are better. I mean he won it with the putter.

Jonathan Coachman: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Travis Fulton: He putted lights out. Rahm is certainly the most do, Coach.

Jonathan Coachman: No question.

Travis Fulton: When it comes to the top players.

Jonathan Coachman: Yes.

Travis Fulton: He’s had the one good round Sunday at the Masters and that’s about it. He’s kind of been stuck in neutral. I think a chilly putter has held him back so it’ll be interested. Both these guys though, the thing with these two, if the driver is dominant, if they have a great driving rig, they’re going to be tough, both of them.

Jonathan Coachman: Absolutely.

Travis Fulton: Because what a weapon to be able to just bomb it out there in the fairway at a course like this.

Jonathan Coachman: I love what you just said and I also think, I want to be clear, I don’t think Jon Rahm is going to get crushed. And I don’t think he’s going to miss the cut but I think that Rory has the muscle memory at this course. And I believe that right now, when you look at these numbers and what Rory has done, that you have to side with him because you just said about Matt Walls, you said, “He’s the better player.” Well, right now, Rory is the better player than Jon Rahm. That may not be the case in two months. But today, in May, it is the case. And whatever he found three weeks ago, it worked at the Wells Fargo and I think it’s going to work this week against Jon Rahm. I really, really do but I would love nothing more than a first and third place finish. That’d be cool, but both of these dudes are European players.

Travis Fulton: Yeah.

Jonathan Coachman: I don’t care how it comes out.

Travis Fulton: Yeah, hey, but-

Jonathan Coachman: All right, your matchup number two, who’ve you got, Trav?

Travis Fulton: All right, well, we’ll come back to America here on this one. Sam Burns, look at this, +110 over Patrick Cantlay, he’s just-

Jonathan Coachman: I can’t believe that.

Travis Fulton: He just hasn’t caught up yet.

Jonathan Coachman: Yeah.

Travis Fulton: Not convinced about Sam Burns but Patrick Cantlay I’m convinced has now missed four straight cuts because that’s what he has done. We’ve seen it start in the putter and it’s worked through the rest of the bag. Patrick Cantlay, of all the big names, is probably struggling the most right now. He’s going to turn it around, it’s just when does it happen? It feels like this kind of course might be a tough place to kind of get things moving in the right direction. Cantlay is completely going south and Burns is on a jet pack heading to the north. He’s played the last two tournaments and he’s got a first and a second for crying out loud. And he’s doing it through the bag folks. It’s not just a one hit wonder here. Burns is the kind of guy that can win, I think, different ways. I think he can win with his putter, and I think he can win with his ball-striking. I really do. I think he’s kind of that versatility of a player, so again, it’s who’s the better player right now? It’s a no-brainer.

Jonathan Coachman: No-brainer.

Travis Fulton: Sam Burns over Patrick Cantlay. We’re still in the south here. Sam Burns knows how to play golf in the south. This is where he’s done it his whole career and I’m going to keep going here. I’m on it with Sam Burns, +110 over Cantlay.

Jonathan Coachman: It’s funny I was watching a video of JT, Trav, on Instagram and he was describing one of the par 3s, and how basically it was a 200 yard carry over water. And these par 3s are so difficult that if you don’t have your short game and your irons in play, you’re going to be chipping around the green on all of them, on all of them. And right now, Patrick Cantlay, his irons are not very good at all.

Travis Fulton: No.

Jonathan Coachman: And so even if it’s just the par 3s that he struggles on, and you give back two or three shots, that’s could mean the difference between making the cut and being competitive and not. And right now, Sam Burns is hitting laser-like irons and I think because of how big these par 3s are specifically, I think that could prove to be the difference in this matchup. I love Sam Burns this week.

Travis Fulton: Yeah, on that note real quick, Coach.

Jonathan Coachman: Yeah.

Travis Fulton: Is I pulled it up here. Proximity, I just pulled it up, 200 plus, okay? Shots of plus 200 proximity to the hole.

Jonathan Coachman: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Travis Fulton: Because they’re going to have these shots.

Jonathan Coachman: Absolutely.

Travis Fulton: This week.

Jonathan Coachman: Absolutely.

Travis Fulton: The par 3s. Last 50 rounds, Ryan Palmer’s number one.

Jonathan Coachman: Really?

Travis Fulton: Tyrrell Hatton, DeChambeau, there’s Grillo, we know he can go. Casey, Cameron Davis, Charley Hoffman, Jon Rahm, Viktor Hovland, those are some of the names. That’s just last 50 rounds coming in from a 200 proximity plus yard shot. I’ll splice that out a little bit more from a par 3 perspective, but I do think that is a stat to look at. The other thing, last thing I’ll say with Burns is this, the guys got a real intensity about him, too.

Jonathan Coachman: Yeah.

Travis Fulton: And I like that. He kind of puts it on his shoulders. He’s not passive about it. He’s intense. He is focus, he is looked in. Telling you, man, I would not be surprised, I will have money on him to win. Do I think it’s a little early for him to win a major? Probably so, but I’m going to have some money on him to win.

Jonathan Coachman: I think it’s worth a sprinkle.

Travis Fulton: Yeah.

Jonathan Coachman: And when I use the word sprinkle, I mean just a little bit, not a full unit, whatever your unit size is at home.

Travis Fulton: Yeah.

Jonathan Coachman: Maybe a little sprinkle. I may put 50 bucks, 100 bucks on him. At +5,000 or 6,000, that’s a great return if for some reason, and it’s not that far fetched to think about Sam Burns cashing that ticket this week, which I think is great at that particular number. By the way, what you just described, Trav, I call it, “Too cool for school.” There’s a lot of players in the PGA tour that love to act like they are so cool, that they can’t show that it matters to them. Sam Burns is not one of those cats.

Travis Fulton: No.

Jonathan Coachman: You know exactly how he’s feeling.

Travis Fulton: Yeah.

Jonathan Coachman: And I’m here for that. Patrick Cantlay is one of those cats, in my opinion. Is you’re always, “Oh, thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

Travis Fulton: I know I’d get you going on Cantlay.

Jonathan Coachman: I hate how he plays golf. I’m sure he’s a nice dude.

Travis Fulton: I know.

Jonathan Coachman: I’m sure he is.

Travis Fulton: Yeah.

Jonathan Coachman: But come on.

Travis Fulton: I know.

Jonathan Coachman: Come on.

Travis Fulton: I knew we’d get him going.

Jonathan Coachman: Come on, let’s have a pulse, let’s have a pulse. Why do you always do that to me?

Travis Fulton: Huh?

Jonathan Coachman: Why do you always do that too me when it comes to Patrick Cantlay? He would be my number one student. By the way, when I start this class, this marketing class with PGA Tour, Patrick Cantlay, sit down, you’re in the front of the class.

Travis Fulton: Yeah.

Jonathan Coachman: All right, my second matchup looks a little something like this, I’m also coming back stateside. I’m going to go Jordan Spieth, +125. When I saw this number I was like, “Are you kidding me right now?”

Travis Fulton: Yeah.

Jonathan Coachman: Are you kidding me right now? This is incredible. We’re talking about a dude who does not finish outside the top 10 right now, in Jordan Spieth. And JT, yes, he won The Players a couple months ago but he’s been very erratic and he’s not been hitting his normal laser-type irons that we’ve seen. A couple weeks ago he struggled. Up and down, up and down, all week, and he was never in contention. You’re going to let me bet on Jordan Spieth, I get plus money and I have his last three months to back me up? You’re talking about no-brainer. This was in the dictionary as a no-brainer. Give me Spieth, +125, period.

Travis Fulton: These are the two I was to see down the stretch right here. Spieth.

Jonathan Coachman: That would be great.

Travis Fulton: And JT. Does JT have a little something on him right now? It’s like, “Okay, we came out, Spieth was the wonder boy. Won three majors, 12 tournaments, whatever it was there. And then he kind of went away. And then JT was starting to elevate, 13 wins, one major. Now, Spieth is back,” right? And it’s like, “Can JT put Spieth away and be the better player?” I think Spieth is the better player and has been.

Jonathan Coachman: I do too.

Travis Fulton: Head-to-head, off the tee. Yeah, JT a little more distance, I’ll give him the edge. Iron game? I think they’re about the same. I think Spieth is right there with Justin. Around the green? Spieth’s I think better with the wedge. Putting? No question, Spieth is the better putter. I think these two, down the stretch, would be magical TV. I’d love to see it and I don’t think it could happen but I’m to hear, I would take 125 Spieth all day.

Jonathan Coachman: All I know is that I am flying on Sunday so that I can shoot a little content, at least that’s the schedule right now. So if I’m in the air, on Sunday, during the PGA championship, and I’m turning on that TV on the back of that Delta seat, I better see Spieth and JT coming down the stretch.

Travis Fulton: Yeah.

Jonathan Coachman: Because that’ll make the flight that much shorter from the West Coast to the East Coast. Okay, let’s move on to our top 20 selections for the week. What did you pick out as a name that you really like and you like the number?

Travis Fulton: I love this. I mean, +138, Danial Berger, I think this is a great spot.

Jonathan Coachman: Yes.

Travis Fulton: For Daniel, I really do. Put $15 on it. Played very good last week. Third at the AT&T, 13th at RBC. One thing about Berger, you look at him, he’s hitting the ball exceptionally well right now, tee to green. He’s really piercing it, let’s have a good putting week and I think this is an easy top 20. And frankly, Daniel has to be thinking about his carrier also in saying, “Look, I’m not a top shelf player, like a JT, a Spieth, a DJ, a Rahm,” some of the guys we’ve just mentioned. “But I’m in the tier below that, right? I’ve got some wins. I know my game is elevating. I know my prime is now, perhaps. And I’ve got to insert myself into the next level,” right? That has to be in his head. And I think this is a good spot for him to do that. I’m a little worried about the short game. A little worried. I think this grass with help him though, around the greens. I think this is a good spot for him, and the wind blowing, and he’s that kind of guy that can keep it down and really control it. He’s a solid ball-striker. So can he elevate and become more competitive, Coach, on winning a major championship? It feels like the right venue for me. I’ll go top 20, Daniel Berger.

Jonathan Coachman: Daniel Berger is a, he’s kind of weird when it comes to the betting aspect of it, because if you really watch what he does it becomes very, very easy, Trav, for us to focus on the top 5 or 10 every week, because that’s the names you se on the leader board. But Daniel Berger has made a career out of backdoor top 10s, backdoor top 5s, or backdoor top 20s.

Travis Fulton: Yeah.

Jonathan Coachman: But never really challenging for the win, and last week was his career in a nutshell. That he has a great Sunday, shoots a 64 on Sunday, and has a backdoor top 5, but never really challenged KH Lee at the top. And I think that we can see that again this week. He makes the cut, nobody’s paying attention to him, he’s right around T30, T25, and then has a really good Sunday to jump in to the top 20. That’s how I foresee Daniel Berger cashing your ticket.

Travis Fulton: Well, you look at the PGA, it has been pretty good to him, too. He was 12th back in, let’s see, he was 12th back in ’18. He made the cut, didn’t play well in ’19, and then he had a top 20 last year at Harding Park. So the PGA feels like the right kind of deal for him. He missed it kind of at the Masters, really like that. The Opens, The Open, PGA feels right, so he’s playing well, let’s get competitive here. Let’s get competitive here and maybe win this. Berger’s got the game to win it.

Jonathan Coachman: He does.

Travis Fulton: A few things got to go his way.

Jonathan Coachman: He has his wack.

Travis Fulton: But it feels like his prime is now.

Jonathan Coachman: Yeah.

Travis Fulton: It’s now, it’s go time.

Jonathan Coachman: You have to. He believes he’s as good as his, what I call his peers and his peers in the same age category.

Travis Fulton: Yeah, right.

Jonathan Coachman: JT, Spieth, but he believes he’s good enough.

Travis Fulton: Yeah.

Jonathan Coachman: And now he has to go out and show us, and we’ll see if this week is the week for him to capture his first major championship. My top 20, this is the guys whose been cashing for us all year long.

Travis Fulton: Cam.

Jonathan Coachman: And I’m putting him at +150. The market clearly, this is a sweet spot for Cameron Smith. He’s just like Daniel Berger because he can go out, shoot a 63, 64. If he was a first round leader on Thursday, it would not surprise me. The problem he has had, Trav, is that Friday or Saturday 75, that rears its ugly head and he goes backwards when everybody else is going forwards. Believe me, I know, because I bet on him almost every single week but I think he elevates his game. And again, he’s a player from a country that has a lot of wind.

Travis Fulton: Yeah.

Jonathan Coachman: And I think he’s going to feel very, very comfortable on this coarse and in this environment. He knows he’s good enough to play with these dudes, give me Cam Smith, +150.

Travis Fulton: Yeah, he definitely wants it to dirty up a little bit, I think. He wants it to get a little rough.

Jonathan Coachman: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Travis Fulton: Get the wedges in the boys hands more.

Jonathan Coachman: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Travis Fulton: Because that’s where he’s magic.

Jonathan Coachman: Yes.

Travis Fulton: His wedge game is sick, his putting is great. He’s given up some distance so I think that’s the thing. If it’s smooth, if it’s kind of clean and not a lot, he’s going to have it. He’s going to have to hit the driver exceptionally well. He’s probably the most interesting to me, Coach, of that second tier kind of player like we’re talking about with the Daniel Berger. And I would lean more towards that Cameron Smith player if it looks like the wind is going to be more of an issue.

Jonathan Coachman: People really need to understand. They think we just throw these picks out there.

Travis Fulton: Yeah.

Jonathan Coachman: You’ve really got to do it, spend a little bit of time.

Travis Fulton: Yeah.

Jonathan Coachman: Just Google if you have to, but when you come to Twitter you say, “Guys, I lost this.” You got to do some homework. Wind matters, weather matters.

Travis Fulton: Yeah.

Jonathan Coachman: How a player hits matter, it all matters. And if you truly want to try and make money, not to be a professional, but you’ve got to do a little bit of homework. We can’t do it all for you.

Travis Fulton: Well, the other name.

Jonathan Coachman: Although we do a lot.

Travis Fulton: The other name that’s like a Cameron Smith is a Brian Harman.

Jonathan Coachman: Perfect, perfect. Yes.

Travis Fulton: The Patrick Reed.

Jonathan Coachman: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Travis Fulton: I think you would throw into that. These are the guys that they, the harder it is, right? And the more wedges guys are having their hands around the green, those are the guys that you want hitting head shots over and over, and over and over again, because their short game is so good. And their putting is good so they can get the ball up and down verses if, that’s where I would be going more if I felt like it’s going to be player really different with sustained winds. If not, now I’m coming back over where I devalue that. And now a Burns becomes a little more enticing to me.

Jonathan Coachman: Uh-huh (affirmative).

Travis Fulton: Verses say a Cam Smith and a Brian Harman.

Jonathan Coachman: And what’s interesting about what you are saying right now is that I would encourage people to wait until Wednesday night.

Travis Fulton: Yeah, for sure.

Jonathan Coachman: To make your place, right?

Travis Fulton: Mm-hmm (affirmative), yeah.

Jonathan Coachman: Because then you’re going to have the most accurate forecast of what’s going to happen on Thursday and Friday. So don’t put them in right now.

Travis Fulton: Mm-mm (negative).

Jonathan Coachman: Just wait, put them in last minute which is normally against what we preach but not this week, not this week. Okay, let’s jump into our winners for the week. Who do you think is going to be holding up that Wanamaker Trophy come Sunday night and almost $2 million richer?

Travis Fulton: Going for my third win here on Cash-Out with the Coaches, the winner of the PGA Championship is Xander Schauffele, that 17 to 1. I know, I’ve thought a lot about which way I was going to go on the win ticket here. And after writing about 11 names down and then crossing that out, and then reestablishing, and then crossing it out again, I went with Xander. And I think you need the complete player, we know here, to win. You’re going to need someone who can drive it well, iron game, give me some short game, give me some putting, and Xander can do all those things. He played great at the beginning of the year, didn’t get a win. He had the back-to-back seconds, Farmers and Waste Management. And then he went to sleep for about six weeks, and he kind of struggled, and missed the cut at The Players. Took some time off after The Players, came back, next tournament we saw at Masters and he hit the ball in the water on 16th on Sunday. But he was never going to win the tournament anyway.

Jonathan Coachman: No.

Travis Fulton: That was Hideki’s tournament. Anyway, he played good though. Xander clearly cleared some things up but he played good at Wells Fargo. So I see Xander trending that way again. The question becomes, I think Xander will be there. Xander sneaky long off the tee by the way, he’s sneaky long off the tee. Xander’s too good of a player to only have four wins. I kind of look at him like a Berger. It’s time now, you’re in in your prime to take that next step. I do think Xander Schauffele’s going to win a major championship, I do, and I think it could be a PGA. I think it could be the Masters. I think he’s just that much more of a versatile player. I think he could win The Open. So he can win any of the four, but this just feels like, the PGA feels like his best opportunity. I like how he’s rebounded since The Players. He clearly needed to take some time off and I think now we’re seeing him trend. He’s coming in fresh. Yeah, the Wanamaker, Xander Schauffele.

Jonathan Coachman: I actually think the US Open-

Travis Fulton: I talk you into it?

Jonathan Coachman: Hell no. I was like the longer he talks the more he’s trying to talk himself into this.

Travis Fulton: No.

Jonathan Coachman: Particular pick. I think of the four majors, the one that Xander is the most likely to win, I think is the US Open.

Travis Fulton: Yeah.

Jonathan Coachman: Because I think he grinds about better than anybody else. I don’t think his game is in a point. The PGA Championship is normally the major that has the highest score, meaning they can get to 15, 16, 17 under on some courses. I don’t know about this week.

Travis Fulton: No, not this week.

Jonathan Coachman: Some courses they have so it’s usually been the easiest scoring of the four, then the British, then the Masters and then the US Open’s always the hardest to score on. For some reason right now, I feel like Xander, and this may be a stretch, is a little snake bitten. And I hope he doesn’t fall under the category of a Daniel Berger or a Rickie Fowler, or guys that have enormous potential but just never win at the level that their talent says that they should. And I feel like if he continues to go in the direction he’s going, he may be that guy that stacks a lot of money.

Travis Fulton: Yeah.

Jonathan Coachman: Makes a lot of money, has that big FedEx Cup number but you never talk about week, to week, to week. And that’s where he is for me right now. I don’t like this pick but it would not surprise me. If he got it done I wouldn’t say, “He didn’t have the game.” I would never say that.

Travis Fulton: I wouldn’t, I don’t think I would go with Xander at 18, 19 under winning it but I think we’re in 10, 11. That’s where we’re at here.

Jonathan Coachman: I agree.

Travis Fulton: He missed the cut in ’17, tee 35 in ’18, tee 16 in ’19, tee 10 in 2020.

Jonathan Coachman: I have no-

Travis Fulton: And he’s his best version of himself right now.

Jonathan Coachman: You are the guy with two wins.

Travis Fulton: Let’s have the good-

Jonathan Coachman: You are the guy with two wins.

Travis Fulton: Let’s have the good putting week. Let’s have the good putting week and off we go.

Jonathan Coachman: , okay.

Travis Fulton: And Xander to me, honestly, I think he can win any of the four majors. I really do. I think he’s that versatile of a player, he doesn’t have any weaknesses so to me, which ever way the weather breaks, I think Xander still will be there.

Jonathan Coachman: Okay, fair enough. I can’t argue with it, I can’t, with anything that you said.

Travis Fulton: You like it. You like to pick.

Jonathan Coachman: No, I do not.

Travis Fulton: Okay.

Jonathan Coachman: My pick, sometimes we over think it, and sometimes it is as easy as what’s in front of us.

Travis Fulton: It’s not Finau?

Jonathan Coachman: Right now, I have no-

Travis Fulton: Did you see Finau didn’t have any idea that the lasers were being allowed at the PGA Championship?

Jonathan Coachman: I did not see that story. He did not know?

Travis Fulton: He did not know.

Jonathan Coachman: Oh my gosh, I hope his caddy knew. Well, he had to know Monday when he showed up. Like, “Why do you guys all have these things out here?” I, personally, don’t like it. I don’t know how you feel about it but it is what it is.

Travis Fulton: Yeah.

Jonathan Coachman: I’m going to go with the guy that could complete the career Grand Slam and I believe that sometimes things are destined to happen. I believe that Jordan Spieth was born to be one of the great players of all time, not just of our generation. And in order to do that, to be elevated, you’ve got to win all four majors in your lifetime because that takes you to another category, Travis. And most players never ever dream about getting two. His game is matching up with a major this time. And that doesn’t always happen with these top players. But right now, I just want to get out of the way, take this number, which it seems like a sweet spot, +1,600 and say, “Jordan, go out and show me. Use your driver, a laser-like irons. Cash on the good approach shots and then get up and down on those that are a little bit wayward that other players with will not get up and down on.” And I think at the end of the day, a lot of guys fall off on Saturday and Sunday. And Jordan will be the man standing and completing the career Grand Slam.

Travis Fulton: Yeah, I don’t disagree with that. He’s certainly right there for me as well and like I said, if Spieth is there, if Xander’s not there, I want to see JT with him. I think those two would be phenomenal down on the stretch. He struggled a little on the weekend, in Texas, last week.

Jonathan Coachman: Oh, he did. Yeah, for sure.

Travis Fulton: The driver, right? It’s going to come down to the driver, I think, and can he just keep it in front of him? You can’t be crooked here. This place feels like if you don’t have a good driving week here, you’re in trouble. You’re in trouble. The fairways are generous by the way. They are fairly wide but you get off of those you’re in trouble. And these huge pushed up greens, you’re not running stuff up to these.

Jonathan Coachman: You’ve got to get it up, yeah.

Travis Fulton: Right, and that’s what we saw, like Bryson at the US Open, we saw him kind of hack it out and chase it up to the green. You’re not going to do that here, these greens are all pushed up.

Jonathan Coachman: And Jordan talked about that in his press conference on Monday, he was like listen, “If I don’t drive it well I’ve got no shot. I have no shot.”

Travis Fulton: Yeah, that’s right.

Jonathan Coachman: “I have to drive it well.” So he understands what he has to do. Okay, our final pick of the week for the PGA Championship, it’s a wild card pick. It could be anything on the board that we like. Travis, what did you select?

Travis Fulton: Well, I’m going to go back to Harris English here, top 20. I’ll give the people some odds here, there’s some no-brainer top 20s that you can get, not get some odds, but I think this one. If you had to look, hey, who’s someone maybe they’re not talking about? Harris I think can easily be brushed to the side. The reality is, is Harris was one of the hottest players on tour in the first part of the season. Won the Tournament of the Champions then had a really nice run. I think after he won that though, Coach, I think he would admit that he kind of turned the jets off a little bit.

Jonathan Coachman: Of course.

Travis Fulton: There was some really good play leading up to it and then he won and then you could see, okay, this is not quite the same Harris English here. But I think in the last couple months you’ve seen him now, maybe there’s been a little of a refocus and now you see statistically things are starting to get back in line again. And he played good at the Byron. He was 13th, it looked like him off the tee. It looked like him around the greens, it looked like him with the putter in his hand. Let’s just get the approach game a little bit sharper and I think we can get a top 20. He’s a southern guy, he knows how to play this kind of golf, coastal golf, too.

Jonathan Coachman: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Travis Fulton: He’s very familiar with this being in Sea Island, so I think that’ll play into his hands and I think this a good spot for him. He’s trending nicely. I tend to get out in front of these, Coach, you know I tend to be a week early though sometimes.

Jonathan Coachman: Yeah.

Travis Fulton: So I try to let it-

Jonathan Coachman: It could be frustrating. That can be frustrating.

Travis Fulton: Yeah, it is and I kind of look back and I’m, a lot of the times I’m a week early with these trends moving but it feels, with Harris it feels right considering where we are with this coastal golf. And think he knows how to play in these kinds of conditions because he does it.

Jonathan Coachman: It’s where he lives.

Travis Fulton: In Sea Island. It’s very similar.

Jonathan Coachman: It’s where he lives.

Travis Fulton: Yeah.

Jonathan Coachman: For people who don’t know it.

Travis Fulton: Yeah.

Jonathan Coachman: He played college at Georgia so this is his part of the country. He feels very, very at home here.

Travis Fulton: He knows it.

Jonathan Coachman: I agree with this pick, I like this pick. Last week I had him in a couple of head-to-heads so he won some money for me as well. So I was happy about that but I think he has brought his game back from where it was out in Hawaii.

Travis Fulton: Yeah.

Jonathan Coachman: And it happens, sometimes you get fat and happy after a win.

Travis Fulton: Yeah.

Jonathan Coachman: It happens.

Travis Fulton: Absolutely.

Jonathan Coachman: But I like this, plus I like the odds, +275. Is we always try to look for.

Travis Fulton: Yeah.

Jonathan Coachman: As you said we could throw out a -160.

Travis Fulton: Yeah.

Jonathan Coachman: But that doesn’t give you my value plus when it doesn’t hit, then they’ve lost 160.

Travis Fulton: DJ top 20. JT top 20.

Jonathan Coachman: -280. There you go boys.

Travis Fulton: Yeah, you’re right.

Jonathan Coachman: We’re on the sharp side. All right, my final pick of the week. This is a guy that you talk about under the radar. This dude has been under the radar great the last couple of months. Last week he was right there on the final day. You saw a lot of him on Sunday as he was in the top 10. Right there at the Zurich because he teamed up with Louis Oosthuizen. Every single week right now he’s a top 15 player. Absolute top 15 player. He’s one of those guys I put in the same category with a Charley Hoffman, a Ryan Palmer, a Matt Kuchar, 40 somethings, that have to look themselves in the mirror and say, “Do I want to be relevant or do I want my career to be over until I turn 50?” And Charl has clearly said, “I want to be relevant.” And he has got his game back. He is healthy and I believe he could be sneaky good this week. He’s a great iron player. He’s won the Masters which means you talk about the pushed up greens, he’s got the short game to do this at +330 for a top 20?

Travis Fulton: Yeah.

Jonathan Coachman: I love this number and I love that it’s matched up with Schwartzel so I’ll cash his ticket at +330.

Travis Fulton: Yeah, I’ve been on that gravy train for the last couple weeks. He’s been making money on the head-to-heads.

Jonathan Coachman: Yeah.

Travis Fulton: Had him last week and I think it’s a great pick. I don’t know what’s happened here but Charl Schwartzel is hitting his irons as good as he perhaps has ever hit them. I mean it is.

Jonathan Coachman: Isn’t that amazing?

Travis Fulton: Positive-

Jonathan Coachman: Because he played a Masters so long ago.

Travis Fulton: Positive 4, 6, positive 6.8, positive 6.2, last three tournaments stroke skin on .

Jonathan Coachman: There you go.

Travis Fulton: That’s JT kind of ball-striking.

Jonathan Coachman: It’s awesome.

Travis Fulton: Your irons are that good, and his driving right there with it by the way, he’s positive 2 off the tee. When you’re hitting the ball that good you can play any golf course.

Jonathan Coachman: Amen, amen. All right, that is a full PGA Championship preview.

Travis Fulton: Yeah.

Jonathan Coachman: My goodness. That was good. We gave it a little bit extra time this week because there was so much to get into. A reminder, if you haven’t watched the full PGA preview, that is in your feed right now, on our SportsPub Media YouTube channel. Obviously these picks are out, we’ll be putting out tomorrow so everybody can see them on social media as well. Travis, any final thoughts on the PGA Championship, sir?

Travis Fulton: Well, I think you said it. Make your bets late Wednesday, let’s see how the forecast looks, right? As we get later in the day but Kiawah Island is a fabulous spot. Coastal golf, Pete Dye design, you’re just getting here. I love Pete Dye designs. He gives you a lot to think about off the tee. The par 3s are magnificent. Pushed up greens. You got to have it all, right? You got to have it all but I think with the wind, what kind of tournament’s going to break out if it gets nasty and the wind blows more and more and more, then that short game I think becomes increasingly more important. So those are the kinds of players that you have to kind of weight in and weight out. I tend to bring the short game down primarily in a lot of tournaments because I just think that it’s a ball-strikers paradise.

Jonathan Coachman: Correct.

Travis Fulton: But when you get into tough conditions, you got to have a short game.

Jonathan Coachman: I tell you what, I think as fans we would love to see carnage but either way I think it’s going to be a tremendous week and we are here for it. We’ll be here start to finish. That’s it.

Travis Fulton: Yeah.

Jonathan Coachman: That’s all the damage that we can do.

Travis Fulton: Yeah, it’s time.

Jonathan Coachman: Episode 20, second major championship of this Cash-Out with the Coaches relationship. We’re going strong. Follow SportsPub Media on Twitter and on Instagram. Enter our contest.

Travis Fulton: Like this video.

Jonathan Coachman: Exactly. Leave us a five star review if you listen on Apple Podcasts as we continue to grow every single week. We have an incredible staff that worked with us, Samantha and Cody and James, and his whole team at SportsPub Media. For Travis Fulton, I am The Coach, remember this is the only place every single week for all of your betting golf content that you can, if you’re going to cash-out, why not Cash-Out with the Coaches? Good luck.


Hero World Challenge 2022
Hero World Challenge 2022
Course & Location:
Albany, Nassau, Bahamas

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