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Cash-out with the Coaches is hosted by Jonathan “The Coach” Coachman, reputable Golf handicapper, and Travis Fulton, Golf Coach/Instructor to some of the best professionals in the game. Join us every week for the best betting picks in golf.

Episode Summary

It’s 2021 Masters time! Jonathan “Coach” Coachman and golfing coach Travis Fulton discuss some of the top names in golf, namely Jordan Spieth, Dustin Johnson, Brooks Koepka, and Rory McIlroy coming into the year’s first major. They also tackled who among Viktor Hovland, Collin Morikawa, Matthew Wolf, and Will Zaloris will have the best performance.

Then, they went to their betting picks which includes two head-to-head match-ups each, their Top 20 pick, their choice for the 2021 Masters winner, and their Wildcard picks. Cash-Out with the Coaches is produced by SportsPub Media.

Timecode Guide

0:53 Coachman: “This is my favorite week of the year”

  • Fulton: “When I was younger, I was more excited with the US Open. Now, I’m more excited about the Masters. The course will be fast, firm, and furious.”

1:43 Coachman: “Before we look forward, we have to look back. Over 1300 days went by when Jordan Spieth won the Open Championship in 2017 and getting the job done in the 2021 Valero Texas Open.”

  • Fulton: “Spieth was better. you can see the clutch, the ability to score, the great short game.”
  • Coachman: “The way and the time he pulls off these shots make you remember all those video montages of his amazing shots in the past. Yes, the game is back. But is it back enough as we transition to The Masters.”
  • Fulton: “I’ve talked to some of my contacts and they’re right at pointing out that Spieth is still hitting a draw. It must be a distance-related thing. He may not hit it far but his approach game is on fire so he can still save par. His iron game is terrific. His short game was magic.”
  • Coachman: “If he can get his putter back to when he was winning majors, he can go back to form very quickly. Now that he has it figured out, he can be very dangerous.”

7:40 Coachman: “Dustin Johnson made it look easy in November. If he can make Augusta National look easy in April, he can be dangerous this week. Can he have a repeat performance?”

  • Fulton: “He can make any golf course look easy with his game. He can dismantle any golf course but this isn’t the same DJ coming in. Last year, he blitzed through the tournaments prior to Augusta and steamrolled through the Masters.
  • Coachman: “He won a tournament in Saudi Arabia even if he can’t hit a three-foot putt. If that’s how good his C+ game is, what more his A-game. He can turn it on any given week and make it look very easy.”

10:40 Coachman: “Why do you think it hard to figure out Augusta for the very first time?”

  • Fulton: “It’s a second-shot golf course. Big green complexes, much stuff going on. Therefore, it takes a while to figure out your shots onto these greens, especially figuring out how to hit it on a trajectory standpoint.”

12:56 Coachman: “A lot people were surprised to see Brooks Koepka come in four or five days ago because he just had knee surgery roughly a month prior to The Masters. Will he have the game just to make the cut?”

  • Fulton: “You just had surgery and you’re going to walk through the hills at Augusta National all week? I have questions on how his knee is going to hold up. Seems like too much to ask on a big golf course. To win? No. To make the cut? I’d give him that.”
  • Coachman: “I can’t remember a golfer who missed a significant amount of time and the Masters is the tournament you came back for and you do good in that tournament.”

15:16 Coachman: “Rory McIlroy should have finished the career Grand Slam in 2010. He hasn’t come close since. Do you think he can muster it up with the switch and get the job done?”

  • Fulton: “I don’t think so. I think there’s some re-tooling going on with him. Yet it won’t be surprising if he comes out with a big week. But that’s a big ask with everything he’s going through, especially in making the driver a weapon again.”
  • Coachman: “The way he lost to Ian Poulter at the WGC was horrifying to me as a fan. Even if he flips the switch, I’m not sure if that game is good enough to beat the top players now.”

17:55 Coachman mentioned four young golfers that may do great in this year’s Masters. They are Viktor Hovland, Matthew Wolf, Collin Morikawa, and Will Zalatoris. He asks Fulton who among the four will have the best week.

  • Fulton: “Morikawa has the best week. The perception could be that The Masters will be a putting contest. But it really is a ball striking paradise. Morikawa has a strong iron game, fairly good with the driver, but he can be streaky in terms of putting. He’s the class of those four.”
  • Coachman: “If the greens are as fast like you predict, Morikawa will struggle on the greens. That being said, I think Victor Haviland will have the best week. I won’t pick someone who hasn’t showed up in a long period of time, especially in Augusta. His game adjusts quickly.”

22:27 Pick of the Week ($100 Available Each Week, two H2H Matchups, Top 20 Pick, Tournament Winner, Wildcard Play)

Fulton gets his picks from DraftKings. Coachman gets his from William Hill. But you can find these match-ups on most books.

22:51 Fulton’s first match-up: Patrick Reed (+105) over Xander Schauffele – $20 “He’s a hard win at handicap because nothing really jumps off the screen from an analysis standpoint. He can get it on with the putter and is a great short game player. But he’s coming in off the heater with the putter. A good iron game will give him a strong week. He knows how to play this course. Meanwhile, Schauffele isn’t playing the best golf lately. He fades away when he gets in the hunt. Xander is in a bit of a slump right now.”

22:58 Coachman’s first match-up: Paul Casey (+100) over Tony Finau – $30 “Always plays well in Augusta. Finau is kind of the same category with Schauffele. He can be constantly in the Top 10 in the PGA but fizzles.”

  • Fulton – “He feels good, his swing speed is good. This is his best shot to win a major and the clock’s ticking.”

27:22 Fulton’s second head-to-head match-up: Patrick Cantlay (-120) over Rory McIlroy – $25 “This shows how I feel about McIlroy coming into this week. It will take some time for McIlroy to rebuild his game. Can he beat Cantlay by one stroke? Possibly, but unlikely because Cantlay will be there.”

  • Coachman: “He puts so much pressure on his shoulders because he changes his preparation for the Masters, knowing that he can put his name beside the game’s greats.

30:30 Coachman’s second head-to-head match-up: Jordan Spieth (+100) over Justin Thomas – $30 “Spieth is playing good so far. Five top fives this year. Wins last week. This is the course that was made for him. He should have had two or three green jackets by now if everything fell the right way.”

  • Fulton: “JT’s figured out Augusta. He’d like to prove to Spieth that he’s boss.”

32:30 Top 20 Picks with the Coaches

Fulton’s Top 20 Pick: Matt Kuchar (+275) – $15 “He just needed a little love and care from his coach. The firm and fast conditions will help him. Approach game is on point. Good wedge player. He looks like Matt Kuchar again.”

  • Coachman: “His swing may not be the best but he makes it work. He played well in Augusta National.”

Coachman’s Top 20 Pick: Paul Casey (+100) – $20 “Automatic at Augusta National. When things go south for the rest of the field, he has the ability to avoid the disaster.”

  • Fulton: “He likes this place and he’s showing good form. He’s found some comfort with his putter as of late.”

38:04 Masters’ Predictions for this Weekend

Travis’ Winner: Jon Rahm (+1200) – $5 “I’m going with him because he will be all smiles this week. His game is bubbling up especially with the question marks on Johnson, McIlroy, DeChambeau. The driving and iron game is fine. His putter is warming up.”

  • Coachman: “He has to go out there and play and maybe having a baby is the motivation he needs.”

Coachman’s Winner: Jordan Spieth (+1000) – $5 “He’s special at Augusta National every since his first Masters as a pro. If someone was 50:1, rarely do they go to 10:1. You talk about dangerous golfers who love fast greens, he towers about all the rest.”

  • Fulton: “Has there ever been much anticipation for the Number 38 ranked player? I’m curious how he plays holes number two, ten, and 13. I hope he won’t hit much draws off the tee. But down the stretch, he’s got it.”
  • Coachman: “He can dial up the special shots when you need them. He’s special in the special moments.”

45:55 Wildcard Picks

Fulton’s Wildcard – Sergio Garcia – Top 10 (+450) – $15 “Former champion. I can’t go past how well he’s hitting the golf ball. He can be sour with the putter but his approach game is superb.

Coachman’s Wildcard – Cam Smith – Top (+300) – $15 “He’s in form. It’s good for him that there’s only a small time between the two Masters.”

  • Fulton: “He’s a little bit erratic lately. He must hit his driver straight at Augusta.”

Full Topic Coverage

The 2021 Masters has arrived, roughly five months after the 2020 edition. Jonathan “Coach” Coachman and golf instructor Travis Fulton dived into the discussion by talking about Jordan Spieth’s chances to win the 2021 Masters, especially after clinching this year’s Valero Texas Open. Fulton agrees that the clutch Spieth is back and he’s getting his driver in play. Meanwhile, Coachman is reminded of the Spieth he’s seen a half-decade ago with what he’s seeing now.

On the other hand, Fulton mentioned that even if Dustin Johnson can make any course look easy, his form coming into this year’s Masters isn’t inspiring, plus the fact that he has a new putter in his golf bag. Meanwhile, Coachman added that Johnson won a tournament in Saudi Arabia despite a miserable putting game. If he can win that way, what more if his putting game is on-line.

The hosts of SportsPub Media’s Cash Out with the Coaches also discussed why Augusta National is tough for first-timers. Fulton described that the slopes in the course makes it difficult for novices. Because of its big green complexes, it’s challenging to figure out the right shot trajectory-wise. Playing in April makes the course fast and firm as well which can present more problems.

Moving on, Coachman and Fulton also discussed Brooks Koepka’s surprising return after a recent knee surgery. To which, Fulton disagreed because walking through Augusta National can be brutal to his knees. But both of them agree that he still has enough talent to make the cut after the second round.

Next on the list is Rory McIlroy who is still seeking a career Grand Slam. With the Masters being the only major he hasn’t won, Fulton is not confident of his chances this year because he’s re-tooling his game, especially his driver. Yet, the golf coach won’t be surprised if McIlroy puts up a strong showing given the talent he has.

Then, Coachman asked Fulton if who among Viktor Hovland, Matthew Wolf, Collin Morikawa, and Will Zalatoris will have the best tournament. Without batting an eyelash, Fulton said Morikawa because Augusta National fits his strengths. Morikawa’s strong iron game and above average driving will be the ingredients to his success. However, Fulton did point out that Morikawa’s putting can be streaky. Meanwhile, Coachman said that Hovland will have the best finish among the four young bucks.

The next part of the podcast features their picks for the 2021 Masters. With $100 to parcel, they must pick two head-to-head match-ups, a Top 20 pick, a tournament winner, and a wild card bet. Fulton gets his odds from Draftkings while Coachman will rely on William Hill. For his first match-up, Fulton is betting $20 that 2018 winner Patrick Reed (+105) will have a better performance than Xander Schauffele.

Meanwhile, Coachman is placing $30 that Paul Casey (+100) will do better than Tony Finau. For his second head-to-head, Fulton places $25 that Patrick Cantlay (-120) will have a higher ranking than McIlroy. Finally Coachman bets $30 that Spieth (+100) will have a better tournament than Justin Thomas. As for their Top 20 picks, Fulton has $15 on Matt Kuchar (+275) while Coachman places $20 on Casey.

As for their Masters winners, Fulton puts $5 on Jon Rahm (+1200) due to a solid iron game and an improving putter. On the other hand, Coachman is willing to put $5 for Spieth (+1000) to win it all. Finally, Fulton took Sergio Garcia in the Top 10 (+450) as his wildcard with a $15 bet. Coachman closes the discussion by selecting Cam Smith in the Top 10 (+300) for $15.

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