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Cash-out with the Coaches is hosted by Jonathan “The Coach” Coachman, reputable Golf handicapper, and Travis Fulton, Golf Coach/Instructor to some of the best professionals in the game. Join us every week for the best betting picks in golf.

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2:29 Fulton: “We are getting ready to get into a nice stretch of golf.  We have a good field this week in Tampa.  Then we go to a little tournament call the PGA Championship.  

  • Coachman: “We are on a good pace in what I like to call “The show of record in the golf space”

5:32 Fulton: “Things are about ready to get approved here (sports gambling/gambling on golf) and we are way out in front of it.  It’s exciting times.  We have a great show and we can build on it, over time ”

  • Coachman: “No doubt.  People are always reaching out to us on Twitter and saying “hey I cashed in with you on this and that and it’s always a good feeling”

9:00 Coachman: “any course in Florida especially this and we talked about a lot during the the actual Florida swing, but there is so much water in the state of Florida and all these different courses which is why the iron play is so important in almost every single one of these courses and certainly when you’re talking about Innisbrook. 

  • You’ve got to be dialed in and you look at the likes of Jordan Spieth a couple of years ago Patrick Reed has finished high. Adam Hadwin uh, Paul Casey all these guys, what do they have in common Trav?
  • They all are really good iron players and that’s what does well here.
  •  Now there’s the occasional outlier certainly but when you look at it it’s really good iron play.
  • For those people playing at home, if you don’t want to play the matchups we give out this week, certainly take the information and then apply it to your own bets and whatever your book might have, but this is one of those course Trav, that when you look at it historically one of those courses you can look at past performances say’ “Ok.  I kind if have an idea of where I want to start, I think.”

17:28 Fulton: “Just saying people….Charlie Hoffman is one of the most improved players in the game people.  He is playing great golf. 

  •  He was paired with Nick Watney last week and I was thinking…What the hell are you doing Charlie? That just screamed “we are just going to put two players together”…that’s all that did.   
  • It was like, “Charlie, you got Nick. All right, you are going to play together.” 
  • That’s what it felt like to me.  But they played well for most of the week.  Charlie is play frat.  
  • He’s really playing some great golf.  His approach game is as good as it’s been. 
  •  I think off the tee…the added distance…you can see it playing out around the green.  His putting is solid, again, there is no real weakness for me here with Charlie.   
  • You know it feels like all 14 clubs are working.  
  • You take these guys head to head….who’s really the better player now?  Charlie Hoffman or Bubba Watson off the tee?  I think you know Bubba’s a bit longer, but Charlie is not short.  I mean, he’s over 300 on the approach game now” 

24:58 Coachman: “Ok,  Let’s focus in on  our top 20 play for the week and I always like to find value, but I also don’t mind laying a minus number, if I think it is going to be a lock.  What do you have this week Trav?”

  • Fulton “Well you know I was really impressed with Emiliano Grillo at the RBC.  Okay, I thought it was like the most in control of his entire bag that I have seen him.  Now Stuart Sank we know one, because he blitzed the field and played great, but Emiliano Grillo to me….you know what? It goes back to what I just said. 
  •  He is a fantastic driver of the ball and he is terrific in the approach game.  He can get a bit clunky around the greens, and his putter can just flat out disappear sometimes.  
  • I think you are seeing a little bit of a nice trend here with Griot and his putter. 
  • You know we were talking about it when it was happening with Connor’s putter.  It’s coming and I can kind of see some similar trends with Griot, in particular over the last five tournaments. Second at the RBC. Sixth at Corrales.  He is playing some really good golf.  
  • I just get the idea that he is very confident in his wedges and the putter more so than perhaps we have seen him in some time.  
  • Six positive seven approach game, which is not uncharacteristic to see from Griot because the dude will put on an exhibition like he did at RBC.  
  • Watch out.  I think plus 188 and a top 20.  Let’s keep this thing going.  I think another really good golf course for him.  

Full Topic Coverage

Travis Fulton hosts the podcast with Jonathan Coachman, formerly of ESPN, the WWE and the Golf Channel.  Today they talked about the upcoming legalization of gambling in the United States and Florida, specifically and then covered their picks from last week’s tournament.

Coachman talks about how Fulton nails his winner last week, giving Fulton multiple winners over the last few months of the show.  Anyone who has been following Travis’ golf betting tips has really been cashing in, hence the name of the show, Cash-out with the Coaches.  

Fulton then talked about Charlie Hoffman is one of the most improved players in the game and then goes into how improved his drives are off the tee and how well his game on the green has improved.  

Fulton gives his top pick of the week, a pick that most should be listening to, given his incredible recent run of picks, gambling on golf.  

Coachman and Fulton talk about this week’s course on the Valspar Championship.

The tournament is played annually on the Copperhead Course at Innisbrook Resort and Golf Club.  The club is located in Palm Harbor, which is located just northwest of Tampa, Florida.  

Both Coachman and Fulton give their golf gambling picks for this week and give all the best wagering information on the PGA Tour.  


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