Zurich Classic of New Orleans Betting Picks (Cash-out with the Coaches)

Zurich Classic of New Orleans betting picks brought to you by “The Coach” Jonathan Coachman and Travis Fulton on “Cash-Out With The Coaches”, the hottest weekly golf gambling show in the game. BY pros, FOR pros, and in your feeds weekly, presented by SportsPub.

Cash-out with the Coaches is hosted by Jonathan “The Coach” Coachman, reputable Golf handicapper, and Travis Fulton, Golf Coach/Instructor to some of the best professionals in the game. Join us every week for the best betting picks in golf.

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0:51 Fulton: “Are you ready for some team competition in golf?”

  • Coachman: “It’s totally unique! It’s the only team competition on the PGA Tour, it’s the Zurich Classic. We’ll get into that in just a few moments. And of course, we’ll do our picks, which we’ve been killing it on the head-to-head match-ups, if you’ve been following us on the show.”

1:27 Coachman: “Let’s look back quickly last week, it was one of the more boring Sundays we’ve had in a really, really long time on the PGA Tour, because Stewart Cink built that 5-shot lead going into Sunday, and he maintained it and got the job done. He becomes the only multi-time winner on the PGA Tour this season at 47 years old. How about that?”

  • Fulton: “Well, Bryson’s (DeChambeau) got two now, right?”
  • Coachman: “He has Bay Hill, what’s the other one?”
  • Fulton: ”The US Open, which is part of the wrap-around in the super season.”
  • Coachman: “Maybe he’s (Cink) the only multi-time winner over 45.”
  • Fulton: “Stewart Cink, 47. This is crazy! I mean, he really is! This is a young man’s game, and Stewart’s out there dominating these young guys right now. I mean, it wasn’t even close. It was really kind of instant replay to some degree as we saw at the (US) Master. Hideki (Matsuyama) gets out to the lead, no one’s really challenging. I know, they were kinda close, maybe two or three, but Hideki didn’t really feel the heat. Same thing here.”

6:56 Coachman: “This week, just like the max play has its own thing, the Zurich Classic now has its own thing. And for a lot of players, they become way very popular to play in this event. Because you got the top 80 players, and as far as ranking and priority, and they get to pick their partners as they go down the list. So, it makes for some really cool partnerships and some really head-scratching partnerships. But because this was cancelled last year, Jon Rahm and Ryan Palmer are the defending champions. They will play again together. Kind of educate our people at home on what they can expect and the differences in my set in approach for a team competition.”

  • Fulton: “Thursday and Saturday’s best ball, which is fun to watch when you get two high-caliber players. (They) just got a partner, they can take that aim, then let’s go low. Friday and Sunday’s a little more difficult, alternate shots. Not my favorite format to watch, very difficult to play. I think that’s where we see the strategy. It certainly plays out more on who’s teeing off on the even holes, and who’s teeing off on the odd holes.”
  • Coachman: “There’s no changing as far as points and money is concerned. But basically, the team that finishes first will share the first and second place FedEx cup points. So they will each get 400, because they share 800. It will be the same with the prize money, they would share first and second place. And that’s how they do it as they go down the list.”

11:02 Coachman: “So we’re seeing some partnerships that have been, and then you’re seeing some new partnerships that will make no sense to anybody. But we could have a really big win for somebody. I think it’s really, really hard to handicap, don’t you? It’s hard to pick a winner, it’s almost impossible.”

  • Fulton: “It’s hard in general, just with one person. Now you get a second person involved. How do you handicap a team with a player that’s playing well, and then there’s a guy who just can’t do anything right.”
  • Coachman: “Do you think that, at some point during the year, that you had guys calling other guys trying to get them to pick them as partners? Because that’s what I would do.”
  • Fulton: “I think so. There’s some strange teams to me. I look at Bubba (Watson) and (Scottie) Scheffler. How did that go down?”
  • Coachman: “How about (Colin) Morikawa and (Matthew) Wolff? Wolff has been playing so bad, and Morikawa essentially had the pick of the litter. He’s so high up there on the priority, he could’ve picked anybody. But he chose Matthew Wolff.”
  • Fulton: “ I guess it’s friendship over cash.”

13:54 Coachman: “What about the teams that are like a Jon Rahm and Ryan Palmer? When they won it two years ago, Ryan Palmer was doing nothing. All of a sudden, he’s won 750 to 800 thousand dollars and he’s getting all these FedEx Cup points, he’s getting all these exemptions, and there are teams like that. One guy that’s big and another that’s not so big. It can change not only their season, but it can change their career forever when they win this week.”

  • Fulton: “The one that really fits that bill is Viktor Hovland and Kristoffer Ventura. Holvand has the name; Ventura trying to find his way. They played together, maybe this is what Ventura needs. Take him up to that level of intensity.”
  • Coachman: “Can you imagine them sitting around and trying to figure out who’s teeing off on what holes?”

15:54 The Coach’s Challenge ($100 Available Each Week, Two H2H Match-ups, Top 20 Pick, Tournament Winner, Wildcard Play)

16:20 The Coach’s Challenge (Fulton): “McDowell/Wallace (-114) > Noren/Norlander – $25”

Coachman: “So Trav, let’s start with your head-to-head match-ups this week at the Zurich Classic.” 

  • Fulton: ”I picked this because Matthew Wallace had a nice run and he’s been very good to me in the betting world here over the last three weeks. Norlander, on the other hand, has four missed cuts. Noren is not much better.”
  • Coachman: “I can tell you, I got a little bit of some inside information. Graham McDowell has been working with ‘Fast’ Eddie Fernandez to get more length on his game. Graham is more motivated than ever. I like this pick”

18:44 The Coach’s Challenge (Coachman): “Bradley/Steel (+100) > Oosthuizen/Schwartzel – $30”

Coachman: ”My head-to-head match-up this week looks something like this. I went with two guys that have a very similar game against two guys that I just don’t think will be that motivated to play that hard this week. Keegan Bradley and Brendan Steele are two guys that, every single time they tee it up, they’re ready to go.” 

  • Fulton: “I agree with this one. I’ll tell you why later on in the show, but I think that’s a good bet.”

19:39 The Coach’s Challenge (Fulton): “Finau/Champ (-103) > Scheffler/Watson – $25”

Coachman: ”Second head-to-head for Mr. Travis Fulton looks like this. Who do you like, Trav?” 

  • Fulton: “There’s my boy, Tony Finau with his boy Cameron Champ. I can’t wrap my arms around Scottie Scheffler and Bubba Watson. How did that go down?”
  • Coachman: “I think Finau is made for this format. I think his game is exactly why he’s gonna be a great Ryder Cup person for the next five or six Ryder Cups.”

22:42 The Coach’s Challenge (Coachman): “Rahm/Palmer (-125) > Schauffele/Cantlay – $30”

Coachman: “Alright, my second head-to-head match-up looks a little something like this. I’ll go with the defending champions. I’ll take it all day. Yes, Xander Schauffele played well in the Masters. But Patfick Cantlay hasn’t been playing well anywhere. Anywhere.” 

  • Fulton: “I think that Rahm and Palmer can defend this easily.”

23:56 Top 20 pick: “Travis’ Top 20 pick: Bradley/Steele (+120) – $15”

Coachman: “Here’s our Top 20 picks for this week. Remember, it’s gotta be both guys top 33 teams in ties to make the cut. That’s important to remember when you’re making the top 20 pick. Who do you like here, Trav?” 

  • Fulton: “I’m gonna have to go with Keegan Bradley and Brendan Steele. There’s that team again. I think it’s a good team. Their skills complement each other.”
  • Coachman: “I think this week is gonna be a very difficult week, so you gotta be very, very careful on how much you bet. Maybe cut you bets in half, maybe 75 percent off.”

26:01 Top 20 pick: “Brown/Kisner (+150) – $20”

Coachman: “My top 20 pick looks a little something like this. So, I’m gonna go with a team that’s played here before. They’ve had success here before. They lost in the playoff in 2017. Scott Brown never shows up any other time than in this event. I don’t know why. And Kevin Kisner is the ultimate bulldog.”

  • Fulton: “Miss cut.”

27:21 Travis’ Tournament Winner: “Smith/Leishman (+1200) – $5”

Coachman: “Alright, what does our winner look like this week? Because you’re gonna have two players who are playing well. Who do you like?”

  • Fulton: “I’m gonna go with Cam Smith and Mark Leishman. I think Cam Smith is playing the best golf of his career right now in all phases of the game. He looks really good to win. And Leishman is like that perfect partner.”
  • Coachman: “Normally, you would look at the strokes made around the green. In most cases. This week, if that’s the case, you’ll miss the cut.”

29:55 Coach’s Tournament Winner: “Horschel/Burns (+2200) – $5”

Coachman: “Alright, my winners look like this. Billy Horscel, he’s won here before. But not with this partner. And Sam Burns, every week in January and February, pounding on this dude. He’s gonna win. He’s gonna break through, this is the week.”

  • Fulton: “This will be a good team. I think Sam Burns finally snapped out of his funk last week. And Horschel’s playing great. He’s playing good golf.”
  • Coachman: “Horschel loves this course before it was a team competition. This was a course where he played well before he became a FedEx Cup champion.”

31:33 Travis’ Wildcard Bet for 2021 Zurich Classic: “Todd/Kirk – Top 10 (+225) – $15”

Coachman: “Alright, here’s our final pick of the week. It can be anything on the board, anything you want it to be. What do you want it to be this week, Trav?”

  • Fulton: “Brendon Todd and Chris Kirk. I mean, Kirk is a top 10, top 20 machine. It is awesome to see him back playing at the level that he used to when he won four times on the PGA Tour. He has no weaknesses in his game. Brendan Todd just needs to do enough with his approach game. He’ll be fine off the tee. And he’s a wonderful Bermuda putter.”

33:38 Coach’s Wildcard Bet for 2021 Zurich Classic: “Smith/Leishman – Top 10 (+100) – $15

Coachman: “My final pick this week for the Wildcard looks a little something like this. And I’m going back to the guys that you (Fulton) think they’re gonna win. Because I think they’re gonna be very, very good this week. And they will not surprise me if Smith and Leishman win.”

  • Fulton: “There’s not a team that has more confidence than these two. Cameron Smith is clearly playing the best golf of his career. Leishman really played well at the Masters’, finishing fifth.”

35:42 Looking Ahead at the PGA Tour

Fulton: “I’d love to see this PGA Tour/LPGA Tour. I’d love to see a man/woman playing together.”

  • Coachman: “That’s the fix they need to make.”

Full Topic Coverage

Jonathan “The Coach” Coachman and Travis Fulton discuss their picks for the Zurich Classic of New Orleans this week. Since it’s a team golf tournament, this is one weekend where picking the winner is very difficult to predict. If you plan on betting on this event, it’s advisable to lower your wagers for this one. In fact, this is the only team event on the PGA Tour, which makes it very unique.

Sunday was a very quiet day for golf, as Stewart Cink won his second tournament on the PGA Tour. He becomes the only multiple-time winner in the Tour this season above 45 years of age. Cink dominated the event, which proves that his age didn’t matter in that tournament.

Fast forward to this weekend, the hosts of the SportsPub Media’s Cash-out with the Coaches share their betting picks and their thoughts on the upcoming Zurich Classic of New Orleans. Because this event was cancelled last year, Jon Rahm and Ryan Palmer are technically the tournament’s defending champions. According to Fulton, the tandem is still the team to beat this weekend.

The duo discuss what can happen with such a unique format as team golf in the PGA. There have been partnerships that we’ve seen before, while there are other tandems that don’t make sense. For example, Bubba Watson and Scottie Scheffler are an unlikely couple in golf. But for some reason, they teamed up with each other. On the other hand, team-ups like Colin Morikawa and Matthew Wolff were forged not because of how competitive their rankings are, but more of friendship and chemistry.

There are also some teams that one player would greatly benefit from his partner. Kristoffer Ventura playing with Viktor Hovland might help Ventura’s career in the long run. In fact, it might be a career-changing move for Ventura, as Hovland gets to retain his spot in the rankings.

The next part of the podcast features their picks for the Zurich Classic. Trying to spread out $100 to their picks this week, they must choose two head-to-head match-ups, a Top 20 pick, the tournament winner, and their wildcard bet. Fulton gets his odds from DraftKings while Coachman chose William Hill as his reference.

For the head-to-head match-ups, Coachman’s first pick is the team of Keegan Bradley and Brendan Steele over Louis Oosthuizen and Charl Schwartzel with a $30 stake at +100 odds. His second head-to-head is in favor of the defending champions Jon Rahm and Ryan Palmer beating Xander Schauffele and Patrick Cantlay for another $30 at -125.

On the other hand, Fulton’s first pick is the team of Graham McDowell and Matthew Wallace beating Alex Noren and Henrik Norlander with a $25 wager at -114. His second choice is Tony Finau and Cameron Champ over the odd couple Scottie Scheffler and Bubba Watson, because why not? At -103 odds and a $25 stake, Fulton thinks he can never go wrong with his picks.

For the top 20 pick, Fulton chose Bradley and Steel (+120) for $15, while Coachman selected Scott Brown and Kevin Kisner (+150) for $20. Fulton thinks Team Smith/Leishman (+1200) will win it all for $5. Meanwhile, Coachman has his sights set on Billy Horschel and Sam Burns (+2200), also for $5.

Finally, Fulton’s Wildcard Bet for the 2021 Zurich Classic is Brendon Todd and Chris Kirk (+225) at top 10 for $15. However, Fulton’s pick to win it all, Smith/Leishman (+100), is Coachman’s Wildcard Bet at top 10 for $15.

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