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Butterfield Bermuda Championship 2021

Course & Location:

Port Royal Golf Club, Southampton , Bermuda


28 - 31 Oct, 2021


$6.5 Million


70/ Yardage 6,842





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Butterfield Bermuda Championship 2021 Picks

Best Outsiders


Matthew NeSmith

  • 4th SG approach play over the past 24 rounds in this field.
  • Top 20 in fairways gained over the past 24 rounds.
  • Putts best statistically on Bermudagrass.
  • Performs above average in windy conditions which the players could face this week
Odds +10000

Best Outright Picks


Christiaan Bezuidenhout

  • 1st SG T2G in this field over the past 36 rounds
  • 1st SG putting over the past 36 rounds
  • 1st Proximity to the hole from 125-150 yards over the past 24 rounds on tour.
  • 4th SG around the green over the last 24 rounds, this is a key stat at this event previously.
Odds +1600

Top 20


Coming Soon


Odds N/A

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Butterfield Bermuda Championship 2021 Overview

Port Royal is almost like having two golf courses in one. The clubhouse, positioned on the course’s highest point, acts as a separating point between the majority of the front nine and the back nine. As you head away from the coast, your tee shot off the first puts you down a sharp elevation shift. As you meander through a beautiful low point, the first seven holes are largely protected from the sea breeze. The majority of the holes are initially guarded by trees, giving the impression of being on a tropical inland golf course, however that soon changes, as you progress up the 9th hole, you begin to appreciate what a unique piece of property you are on. The remainder of the circuit features stunning views of Bermuda’s light-blue ocean and more breezy conditions face the players. The forecast for the weekend play is quite breezy and that could have a big factor in deciding the winner of this event. I have certainly consider good wind players when making my final picks this week and I encourage you to do the same.


The course does a great job of testing your decision making. Robert Trent Jones first designed the course in 1970, and in 2009 it was renovated by Robert Rulewich as part of a $16 million project. A short course by modern day standards but don’t let that trick you into think this is a pushover for the players this week especially if the wind blows as previously mentioned.


There are bunkers staggered in such a way on practically every par 4 or hole 5 that it will make you reconsider your objective and club choices which is why this course doses not favour bombers or short players off the tee, it really is one that any type of player can win on . There are numerous landing places surrounded by bunkers, ready to catch your somewhat inaccurate tee shots. It going to by a game of patience and precision this week for the wold best players.


Simply said, Port Royal is one of the most visually magnificent courses you will see on your screens this year how demanding it will be depends on the wind and rain.


5 Key Skills Set Required

  1. Driving Accuracy  – Looking at the course details we can read that Driving Accurately is of huge importance, this weeks track is short by PGA Tour standards and the defence of the course come in form of fairway bunkers that are strategically placed. Precision off the tee looks like it will advantageous.
  2. Proximity to the hole – Looking at the data and overheads of this week tracks leads me to thinking proximity to the hole will be an important factor. The green are larger than usual this week and there for GIR may not hold the significance it does many weeks on tour. I want to dial this in a little deeper and look at those who generally attack those pins.
  3. SG Approach – It goes without saying if we are looking at proximity to the hole we must pay attention to general approach play. Expect a low scoring affair this week, I want players who have a proven track record of hitting it close with their iron shots.
  4. SG Around the green – Getting up and down will be imperative this week. Lots of bunkers and forecast winds can lead to green being missed despite the large size of them. I want players who have consistently proven their ability to get up and down over there career not just of recent time. Players with a great shirt game will excel this week along with those that show patience and precision.
  5. SG putting – We are on the Bermudagrass putting surface this week, and there are players who simply love this putting surface. I will be looking at players with wins to there name on this surface those players who reside in Florida will be very familiar with this grass so that could be an angle in for those of you making your own picks.